why it’s a good thing for some of my clients I don’t fully follow the example of Jesus…

adrian ashton
2 min readJul 13, 2017

As someone who professes a Christian faith, I’ve always tried to reflect the values and dogma that comes with that in everything I approach (including my work). And over the years, I’ve started to explore this further in some of the posts here on my blog.

But recently it struck me that as much as many might argue we should follow the example of Jesus in all we do, I don’t think I can, at least, not in everything…

I was recently asked as part of a church service to briefly speak about an aspect of my work that I struggle with, and I chose to relate some stories about when and how clients pay me.

I shared that there’s an ongoing balance I need to strike between showing grace in those instances where I know a client may come to struggle to pay me what they owe me owing to changing circumstances, and so I might choose to forgive their debt to me; but that I also need to ensure I’m encouraging people to be accountable and pay what they owe where they can (after all, I too have bills to pay, and commitments to honour).

And it got me thinking about a slogan that was popularised in parts of the Christian church a few years back — “What Would Jesus Do?”, and I realised that some of my clients whom I chose to take a more formal line with with regards to payment of my invoices would probably be relieved that I don’t fully follow Jesus’ example where he came across traders who were being disrespectful…