Can I be your (no so) secret Santa this year?

adrian ashton
3 min readNov 13, 2020

The Christmas season usually entails a lot of traditions and conventions, that this year are thrown into confusion by Covid — and the uncertainty about restrictions we’ll be under as a country, region, town, college, business, and even household, on any given day.

I therefore want to try and do my bit in trying to bring some cheer and fun to people over the next few weeks, as we try and build some happiness around a time of year that most of us usually look forward to.

Now — to try and manage some expectations here:

I’m a sole trader, so don’t have access to a warehouse full of gin;
despite what some people may think when we see our greyhound on her walks, we don’t have any reindeer;
and although feedback from clients and learners may indicate otherwise, I don’t have any magic dust that means I can get to all of your homes and deliver that toy you’ve secretly wanted ever since you were 5 years old…

But what I can do, is make use of some of the toys and gifts that I usually throw at people as part of training courses I deliver, (but haven’t able to this year, as all my sessions have been on zoom), by sending some of you an early Christmas treat in the post.

If you fancy being in with a chance of receiving one of my (not so) secret Santa gifts in this way:

- Each week starting Monday 23rd Nov, until Friday 18th Dec, I’ll be watching my various social media channels (you can get find all of them from this page that links them all here: —

- All you have to do is re-share or do some kind of interaction with anything I post during that week (liking alone doesn’t count).

- At the start and end of each week, I’ll pick a comment or interaction that’s brought a smile to my face in some way, and will send you direct message for a postal address where I’ll send your gift to.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy getting something through the post that isn’t just another bland leaflet, bill, or circular, (and may even feel you can take a pic of yourself playing with it to share back out as a way to further spread some cheer and encouragement to others?).

So what are you waiting for? Go start stalking me on social media!